Why Should We Advertise On Instagram?

Instagram is an appropriate choice for advertising and branding. you can have high-yield advertising on Instagram if you know the principles and methods of this platform for advertising and marketing. You may have probably seen the advertisement of the world’s largest companies on this social network. But why and how to advertise on Instagram? Stay with us to know more in this regard.

Why should we advertise on Instagram?

Instagram currently has about one billion active users. Instagram is the second most popular social network in the world after Facebook, and it has been able to grow rapidly in recent years. Today, Instagram advertising is very important for most companies. That’s why it’s so important to many businesses. Instagram posts have the highest conversion rate possible. According to a survey by “npsk.org”, Instagram has a conversion rate of 1.85%, while Facebook has a conversion rate of 1.08%.

Advertising Methods on Instagram

If you know the different types of advertising methods on Instagram and know what each one is like, you can better choose one for advertising on Instagram.

Advertisements on Instagram Pages

You can communicate with pages that have a lot of followers and pay a fee for them to show your advertisement. As you know, users see their favorite pages every day and they may see your Instagram advertisement and follow your page.

Some of the things you should pay attention to in this type of advertising are followers are not fake, the conversion rate is checked, the page is active and the user’s interaction with that page is high.

Send Advertisements on Instagram Direct

As you can guess, sending direct messages is one of the best advertising methods on Instagram. Because in this way, a higher percentage of your advertisement will be seen. Because people always pay more attention to the messages they receive directly, in this case, you can have high-quality advertisements.

But Instagram has restrictions in that you cannot send a large number of direct messages with one account. Therefore, you have to create several Instagram accounts and send them direct messages. This is a difficult and time-consuming process, so you need a tool that you can set to send multiple direct messages to each account and change the account automatically. The best tool for direct sending is the Virtual User Instagram Bulk Messages Sender Bot. For more information, you can search it on the Internet and read more about it.

Sponsored Advertising or Instagram Advertising

This method is used to run targeted advertising. In this way, you will advertise based on your audience’s interests. For sponsored advertising, you must have a Facebook account to change your Instagram account to a business account. Sponsored advertisement posts are clearly labeled “Sponsored” and are different from other posts.


As we said Instagram is one of the best advertising methods to expand your business. Now you know what is advertising on Instagram and why it is important and you can choose the best and the most effective way of advertising and marketing on Instagram.

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