New Cooking Techniques: 4 Ways to Enhance Cooking

New Cooking Techniques

New Cooking Techniques

Whether you are a busy parent looking for simple and easy options, or a young cook just getting comfortable in the kitchen, the internet is a veritable smorgasbord of recipes, advice, lessons, and even scientific information on every kind of food and how to prepare it. With all of this data at your fingertips, it can be hard to find the information you need to take your cooking abilities to the next level. Krizzy Cooks presents a few of the better sites and apps available to help you on your road to cooking success. Read more about new cooking techniques.

1. Your Smartphone is Your Sous Chef

To ensure that you can access your favorite recipes and menus, turn to your smartphone so you can keep your recipes and instruction videos close at hand while you’re cooking. When you start asking questions about ingredients and techniques, you may find yourself wandering far afield, reading related articles about the history of a given dish or the different ways a technique can be used. Also, consider investing in a good pair of speakers like these from Verizon for your smartphone so you don’t have to rely on your phone’s internal speakers; this will also be a good way to hear a recipe’s instructions without having your phone near the stove or cooking equipment.

2. Find New Recipes

First thing’s first, find the recipes you want to cook. If you are at a loss for inspiration, look at your favorite restaurant’s menu. Many of the best food and drink recipes come from in-house chefs and bartenders. Don’t be afraid to reach out and see if you can get their recipe so you can try out your favorite dish at home. Moreover, you can even reach out to local bakeries or coffee shops for advice and recipe ideas. If they aren’t interested in sharing their secret recipes, you can always make it a goal to recreate them on your own!

For a comprehensive collection of fun recipes, check out sites like Epicurious and Tasty, which each offer the option for a downloadable app. With these apps, you can browse thousands of recipes for all different cooking levels, or you can do a keyword search for ingredients. They also offer both written and video instructions for their recipes, so you know what to expect for each step. You can also find exciting new recipes at Krizzy Cooks!

3. Learn About Cooking Techniques

If you find yourself stymied by cooking terms and techniques, there’s an app for that! In fact, apps like How to Cook Everything and Project Foodie do an excellent job of offering explanations of food-related terms and step-by-step advice for food preparation. From product reviews and suggestions for knives and cookware to seasoning your cast iron skillets, you will find invaluable advice for any new cook. What’s more, you can learn important and useful shortcuts and adaptations for more complex recipes, to make your cooking faster and easier.

4. Take Advantage of Online Tutorials and Classes

For a more entertaining and interactive option, consider online cooking tutorials and classes. Sites like Salted TV and America’s Test Kitchen Online Cooking School are excellent resources for full classes on everything from basic cooking and kitchen maintenance to advanced recipes and techniques. Furthermore, the online courses allow you to proceed at your own pace, and give you the ability to track your progress, so that you see not only what you have learned so far, but have a better idea of your next step. With access to some of the top chefs in the world, these sites give you the opportunity to hone your cooking skills from simple everyday meals to complex entertaining desserts, and everything in between!

New Cooking Techniques: Learning to Cook can be Fun

You have all of the world’s knowledge of ingredients, recipes, and cooking techniques at your fingertips. Enjoy the process of immersing yourself in the food preparation process and new cooking techniques. Finally, you can love what you eat and eat what you love! I hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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