Meal Prep Steps for Busy Parents


When you’re a busy parent, you usually don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals each night. If you don’t create a plan, it’s easy for cooking to become exhausting and overwhelming. Instead, cultivate a few key meal-prepping steps. If you don’t know where to get started, consider the following steps.

1. Choose Quick Recipes

Some of the tastiest dishes only require a few ingredients and 30 minutes. If you struggle to stay on task, set a timer. Even making a pasta dish like fettuccine alfredo can be extremely delicious and quick to make. Sandwiches, tacos, and pizzas are additional options that can be quick and easy.

2. Have Your Ingredients Delivered

A grocery trip involves driving to and from the store, walking through aisles, and standing in line. It can take a long time and you may forget a few important ingredients. Instead, order your groceries online and take advantage of grocery delivery. When you’re able to pay an extra fee to get your groceries delivered, you’re saving money on the amount of time it would take if you did everything yourself. Come up with a few meals that you plan on making for the week, then order what you need to get started.

3. Prepare in Batches

If your family loves macaroni and cheese, consider making a few pans to place in the freezer. By preparing food in large batches, you’ll save time when it’s time to serve dinner throughout the week. If green smoothies are consumed daily, make smoothie cubes and portions in large batches. There are even tutorials so you can make breakfast burritos in large batches to serve your family throughout the month.

4. Rely on the Freezer and the Crockpot

The freezer and the crockpot are two essential items every busy person needs. If you have a lot of children, consider investing in a deep freezer in order to store more items. Always keep frozen vegetables and bread on hand. Both are easy to quickly defrost and cook. Add some butter, seasonings, and oil in order to make both taste great as side dishes at dinner time. The crockpot is essential when you’d like to make pot roasts, rich soups, and casseroles. Use the slow cooker to bake sweet potatoes and baked potatoes. It takes a few minutes to put everything in the slow cooker. As it cooks throughout the day, you can simply stir and serve it when it’s time to eat.

Customize these tips for your household. If you have certain foods that are prominent within your culture, look for ways to cut down the cooking time. Do your research to look for other hacks in order to enjoy your favorite foods in a fraction of the time. As you customize and perfect your routines, you’ll be able to spend less time in the kitchen.



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