Do Physical Therapists Go To Med School?

A physical therapist is a worthy career and may be what you want from your life. However, you may wonder what the process is for obtaining this career. A physical therapist spends their career helping others recover from injury or illnesses and strives to help them live a better life. Their care can include broken bones, sprains, or sports injuries, just as a few examples.

Starter Education

Do physical therapists go to med school? You will need a degree to become a practicing physical therapist. You will first need an undergraduate in the medical field. Going to college will provide you vital knowledge in biology, anatomy, and physiology. Some schools offer two versions of these classes. If your chosen school is one of them, you may find that they either cram everything into one semester to allow you to take more classes or spread it into two semesters, so you have an easier time. A plethora of schools are adopting this method because they believe that it offers help to students’ mental health. These courses are essential because you will know the body’s conditions and how you can help.

Graduate School

When you finish college, you have the option of choosing to go into a graduate program dedicated to your field. This will include a residency program which can take a year. During this phase, you can decide if you want a master’s degree and take steps to get it. A master’s degree will open a plethora of doors for you, offer you more opportunities and the option for a larger paycheck as well.

Choosing A Ph.D

Depending on where you’d like to go with your career, you might find that you need a doctoral degree. By getting a Ph.D., you will have direct supervision dealing with patients, more research, and you have the chance to show people your skillset. Before you undergo a Ph.D., you should know that this will take time and require more effort than any other degree.

You Decide

When you become a physical therapist, only you can choose how far you want to take it. Having a Ph.D. is the farthest you can take and will offer you knowledge that sets you apart. You can help people and help them to become stronger. If you decide not to go that far, you can still have a successful and fulfilling career.


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