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Are you looking to publish guest post article submissions regarding the topic of food? If so, we would love to hear from you to write for us food and cooking. Furthermore, is always open to fresh content on cooking and baking. We cover the general topics of food. Krissy is passionate about writing, cooking and collaborating with you to guest post articles on this lovely Cooking Blog!



    Contact us for media inquires and guest posts at [email protected]

    We are looking for creative writers and journalists to contribute content regarding anything in the kitchen. Additionally, we are open to topics that cover cooking in general, food production, favorite recipes, restaurants and party planning. If you have an idea for content then feel free to send us an email. We love working with local bakeries, restaurants, grocery stores, kitchen equipment manufactures, other blogs and cooking celebrities.

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    Make it Authentic

    I try to make the Krizzy Cooks blog as genuine as possible. Therefore, I like to hold my standards for content to be of only quality. Please write articles that are at least 300 words and relevant to this blog. If you are unsure, you can always check in with the topic before actually writing the article. Furthermore, we also recommend adding a photo to make the post more engaging. Email us for more content requirements.

    Some topic ideas:

    • Recipes 
    • Baking
    • Nutrition 
    • Dieting 
    • Travel
    • Parties 
    • Product Reviews
    • Healthy Living 
    • Cooking TV Shows and Competitions

    Concluding Suggestions

    Follow my social media (Instagram) for a more in depth looking into my fun and exciting time with cooking! Check out all of our current posts here. The kitchen is evolving and so is the way we cook, so join me on this journey of revolutionizing meal prep.

    Write For Us Food

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