Christmas Cookies

Cookie Baking is one of my favorite holiday traditions. I love spending quality time with my sister in the kitchen and I love sharing my yummy bites even more with our family and friends. Each year we love to mix and match new creations with classic family recipes. Here’s what we made this year!

We started off with a family favorite, 7 layer or magic bars. This is a really easy one and really fun for kids to help out. You pretty much just layer and bake.

Then I tried a new take on the classic sugar cookie cutouts and added eggnog, one of my dad’s favorite holiday drinks.

Next up was one my brother chose, oatmeal raisin using a basic recipe just mix, scoop, and bake.

Our final pick was my sisters favorite peanut butter kisses. A simple peanut butter kiss with a chocolate kiss on top.

This was such a fun evening spent with my sister and so fun to share with our family and friends throughout the season. But it doesn’t need to be a holiday to share treats, you can share these anytime time or season of the year simply by changing flavors and shapes of the cutouts.


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