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How to Food Travel


You can select in between an immersive food journey, where the whole schedule is centred on the cooking experiences of the location, or simply consist of some food tourist activities to match your schedule.


 no matter what kind of traveler you are, Interest is the secret sauce to getting the most out of your experience. 


Attempt to comprehend not just what individuals consume, but why they consume in one method or another, what are the regional components, and what is the story behind the food they prepare. Ask, communicate, smile and taste.


How to prep for your Journey

You can prepare a cooking journey on your own or through travel firms. And whatever your option is, Food ‘n Roadway will assist you.


To start with, get motivated with Food and Travel blog site and check out food locations with guides and material from each nation.


After picking the location of your next journey, we recommend 2 options:


If you wish to prepare your travel plan separately, visit our market to discover and book experiences, we handpick the very best food tourist activities and trips from worldwide.


Now, if you desire a real gastronomic journey adjusted to your taste, we recommend our Food Travel Style service to make an entirely personalized travel plan for you.


It makes a distinction to surpass the plate

On a cooking journey, you wind up discovering a lot about the regional culture and the very best, straight with the homeowners, exchanging info, and having and attempting brand-new flavors enjoyable.


Throughout our journeys, something that constantly strikes us is observing the resemblances between the food of far-off nations and how the very same components are utilized in such various methods.


For instance, have you ever questioned how essential the chilli pepper is for Asian food although it is a native component from the Americas? With each journey, a brand-new discovery!

6 Must-Haves for Your French Bakery

When you start a French bakery, there will be countless options of delicious pastries to make. You may need some inspiration when it comes time to decide what you should have on hand in your shop. If you are not sure where to begin, consider some of the following must-haves for your French bakery.


Croissants are probably the pastry that comes to mind when people think about France and its food culture. Both savory and sweet versions exist, though most bakeries choose primarily one or the other since each option has specific methods for their creation. Test both out if you want to see which one sells more.


Macarons are, of course, a must-serve item in any French bakery! Whether you choose to go with traditional flavors like vanilla or chocolate or fun ones such as green tea and lavender. They can provide customization options according to holidays and themes.

Choux pastry

Known sometimes as cream puffs, choux pastry is very much a part of French baking culture. Pate a choux is made by starting with butter and flour being combined before being cooked on the stovetop to form dough which is then gradually brought into formation. After cooling down, it will have formed enough shape to be rolled into balls or smaller pieces that can filled with savory ingredients such as cheese or sweet fillings like custard cream before baking.


An éclair is simply a longer version of the cream puff, or choux pastry. It is still made from the same dough but shaped into an oblong shape. Once again you can decide what kind of filling you want inside whether it be sweet chocolate or savory cheeses and meats across different variations. The outside is often iced with either fondant or glaze depending on preference, which gives these treats their iconic appearance.

Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat, also known as chocolate bread, is one of the most popular and common pastries one can expect to find at a French bakery. Because people love pastries that pair well with coffee, this is a prime option available for your bakery.

French Baguette Loaf
Finally, nothing says France like a French baguette loaf. Having a several on hand is the perfect touch. Consider using it for French toast, or a simple side of bread and butter. Guests will love the option to buy French bread with their coffee.

Like any other customizable menu, it is always a good idea to get feedback on some of your available options to know what your customers enjoy. By working with your patrons and thinking about the theme for your bakery, you can stock up on delicious pastries that will be sure to keep your customers coming back for more.


Easy Cocktails You Can Make at Home

When it comes to entertaining at home, it’s probably a true to say that almost everyone loves cocktails. It’s also probably true to say that many people, maybe even you, don’t try to make them due to the intimidation factor. Here’s the real truth, though. You don’t need to be a master mixologist to create cocktails that you and yours will enjoy. All you need is a bit of know-how and the right ingredients. In this post, we cover some of the easiest, least intimidating cocktails you can make for family and friends on your next night in.


This sweet Italian drink offers your taste buds a taste of the Old Country. All that’s missing is an Italian opera singer, belting out a melancholy love song (though it’s fair to say that you just might start singing once you taste this).

You only need three ingredients, plus ice for this easy home cocktail: gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth in equal amounts. Use the small end of the jigger to measure out the spirits.

Add ice to a mixing glass, followed by the three ingredients. Stir everything until the glass gets cold. Strain the cocktail into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with the peel of an orange.

Gin Martini

The gin martini straight up conjures up images of Dean Martin movies and 60s-era swing. This easy cocktail recipe only requires two ingredients: gin and dry vermouth.

Pour gin into the large side of the jigger, and then add the gin to a cocktail shaker. Top with a dash of vermouth to taste. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled ‘tini glass. Garnish with an olive or a lemon peel.

If you prefer, you can make a vodka martini instead of a gin martini. If you have none at home, five minutes and a quick trip to the liquor store solves that dilemma.

White Russian

For coffee lovers, the White Russian is like iced coffee with a punch, but such a good punch. Fortunately, it’s also way easy to make. It only requires a bit of coffee liqueur — Kahlua’s a good bet — along with some vodka and some fresh cream or Half and Half.

To make a White Russian, add ice to a rocks glass. In a separate tumbler, add one shot (the large side of the jigger) of vodka to the tumbler. Then, pour Kahlua into the small side of the jigger and then into the tumbler. Mix together and then pour the mixture in the tumbler over the ice in the rocks glass. Add cream or Half and Half to taste.

Rum and Coke

This is maybe the simplest cocktail you’ll ever make, but still one of the most popular, so you can’t go wrong with it as a party drink option.

Add ice to a rocks glass. Pour the some white rum into the large end of the jigger and then pour the rum (from the jigger) into the rocks glass. Top with Coke or Pepsi. Add a slice of lime and you go from rum and Coke to Cubra Libre in a hot New York minute!

Final Thoughts

If you love to entertain, then you know what a good cocktail can do for the mood of your party. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a master mixologist to make these four cocktails. All you need is a bit of patience and the right spirits and you have cocktails that everyone can enjoy.


4 Easy Meals For A Family Reunion

When you are planning a family reunion, you are filled with anticipation when thinking about visiting with relatives you have not seen for years. While everyone will have lots of fun sitting around and catching up on things, the reunion will be even more fun if it has some great food for everyone to eat. Yet rather than spend lots of your time trying to come up with fancy meals, there are plenty of easy meals that are perfect for family reunions. To make sure everyone leaves with smiles on their faces and full stomachs, here are four easy meals to have at your next family reunion.


There aren’t many individuals who don’t love a good slice of pizza. If you want to make meal planning very easy for your reunion, simply order a number of pizzas with different toppings, plus a few that just have cheese. Once the pizzas are delivered, you can sit back, relax, and fill up on pepperoni. To be sensitive to any gluten or dairy allergies, try to include a couple pizzas that cater to dietary needs.

Macaroni and Cheese

A great comfort food as well as one that goes great with a variety of other foods, macaroni and cheese is easy to make, easy to transport, and easy to heat up. Able to be made with many different types of cheeses, it’s a given mac and cheese will quickly disappear at your reunion.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

If you want the ultimate easy meal for your upcoming reunion, grab some Kaiser buns, fire up your grill, and start cooking some hamburgers and hot dogs. The All-American meals, all you will need to do is add some potato chips to the mix, toss in a few soft drinks, and you should have no complaints whatsoever from your attendees.

Potato Salad

Finally, is there ever a family reunion anywhere that is not complete without having a big bowl of potato salad on a table? Should you agree with this statement, you will need to make sure your family reunion does not break this sacred tradition. Like mac and cheese, potato salad goes great with so many things, especially fried chicken. Yet no matter what else is served at your reunion, chances are potato salad will be one of the favorites.

Simple to make and beloved by so many, each of these meal suggestions should prove to be very popular at your family reunion. Whether you’ve got a juicy hamburger on your plate or maybe a slice or two of pizza, your taste buds will thank you from the first bite to the last.

Rise and Shine: 5 Breakfast Ideas When Hosting Guests

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what if you’re feeding a crowd? Although having friends over for breakfast isn’t as common as hosting a dinner party or luncheon, getting together over the morning meal can be a lot of fun. Whether you’re hosting a church breakfast or feeding sleepover guests, here are five options to help everyone start the day right.

Traditional Full Breakfast

If you have a hungry crowd to feed, you can’t go wrong with a traditional full breakfast. Whether you choose a full English breakfast or the American version, start the meal with eggs, sausage, and bacon. An American breakfast adds pancakes and hash browns, while the full English breakfast is rounded out with baked beans, toast, and a grilled tomato.

Egg or Tofu Scramble

Even novice chefs can fry up a delicious scramble with minimal effort. Start with eggs, or choose tofu for a vegan option. Chop some onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes, and sauté them in oil until they become soft. Toss in your choice of protein, and scramble everything together until fully cooked.

Taco Bar

You’re already familiar with Taco Tuesday, but what about tacos for breakfast? Impress your guests with breakfast tacos featuring scrambled eggs, beans, peppers, tomatoes, and salsa. If you have a lot of guests to feed, try setting up a taco bar with all the fixings so that everyone can make a taco exactly the way they like.

DIY Waffles or Pancakes

Do you prefer a breakfast that satisfies your sweet tooth? Serve up a make-your-own waffle and pancake bar. Mix the batter in a pourable pitcher, and place it near an electric waffle iron or heated pancake griddle. Add a selection of toppings like maple syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles so that your guests can complete their creations.

Brunch Buffet

Are your guests planning to sleep late? Fill a buffet with brunch favorites that bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch. Breakfast casserole, muffins, frittatas, and breakfast pizza are just a few of the delicious dishes you can serve for brunch. You can also serve adult beverages with brunch because it’s served later in the day.

Did you sleep through your alarm clock, run out of orange juice, or burn the toast? If your breakfast plans have gone awry, don’t worry. You can move the party to a local restaurant for pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, and sausage, and leave the cooking up to the professionals.


Griller’s Paradise: How To Find the Best Food for Your Cookout

Are you planning a cookout? The food you serve will be the star of the show, and there is more to creating a delicious menu than just grilling technique. Good food starts with great ingredients, so it’s important to choose fresh, high-quality meat, produce, and spices if you want to impress your guests. Here are four tips to help you find the best food for your cookout.

Consider Unconventional Choices

Cookouts are almost synonymous with hamburgers and hot dogs, but what about grilled lamb or salmon? Take your cookout to the next level by breaking out of the box with unexpected menu choices. One of the best things about grilling is that you can make a variety of different foods at the same time, so serve up a few lamb chops, turkey legs, or fish filets alongside your juicy burgers and steaks.

Choose Fresh

Fresh ingredients are the secret to a great cookout. Fresh, never-frozen meats offer the best flavor and texture. Fresh food also cooks faster and more evenly on the grill for perfect results that are crisp on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. Visit a fresh meat shopping market to find the freshest meats. If you must use frozen meat, you can achieve better results by allowing it to completely thaw first.

Shop Local

The best way to ensure that your cookout food is as fresh as possible is to source it locally. Food that was grown nearby is harvested at the peak of freshness instead of sitting in warehouses and traveling long distances. Visit a farmers’ market, or go directly to a local farm. Are you on a tight budget? You might be surprised to know that local meats and in-season produce are often less expensive than those that were grown far away.

Don’t Forget the Veggies

You might think that a cookout is all about the meats, but grilled veggies are a great addition whether served on the side or as a main course. Grill up some portabella mushrooms, bell peppers, or zucchini.. You can also grill some veggie burgers for your vegetarian or vegan guests.

Whether you’re having a big neighborhood cookout or a small get together, it’s important to take the needs of your guests into account. Asking about allergies or special diets in advance helps ensure that everyone can participate and have a good time.


Tips to Make a Perfect Pizza Dough at Home



Normally, making the dough is the first step in making homemade pizza. It’s simple to get carried away when considering toppings and other factors, but while you’re eating pizza, the dough is what you taste the most. Not just tasting, either. Also, chewing the pizza bite. A pizza’s crust serves as both its foundation and its essential component.

Every recipe is unique, of course. And it’s a good idea to actually follow the recipe if you’re following one. That means, even though it may appear like nothing is happening, allow the dough to rest for the whole amount of time specified in the recipe. The truth is that during this resting period, everything—including the dough’s elasticity, crunch, chewiness, and, in particular, how yeasty it tastes—is being decided.

05 Best Tips to Prepare Pizza Dough at Home

We have covered some essential suggestions you should consider while making pizza dough at home. If you’re in a hurry for a dinner, you should try ready-made pizza dough, and make full use of the ooni discount code at the last step of placing an order to save some money.

Here is an additional suggestion before we get to our actual tips. If a recipe for pizza dough specifies that the dough should rest for 8 to 24 hours (or overnight), aim to use the upper end of that range.

Learn About Types of Flour

After all, you’ll just follow the recipe’s instructions, right? Right. However, being aware of the differences will also make it easier for you to select a recipe that will result in the crust you desire.

In a nutshell, bread flour will result in a crunchier surface with a chewier interior due to its increased gluten concentration. An all-purpose flour crust will have a softer texture. Some recipes call for 00 flour, which is strong in gluten and finely ground. This flour is more significant in wood-fired ovens than it is in your home oven. Therefore, you should generally stick to bread flour and omit it from recipes that call for all-purpose or 00 flour.

Differentiate Between Rich Dough and Lean Dough

The concept of a lean vs. a rich dough pertains to the amount of fat present in the mixture. As we already mentioned, traditional Neapolitan pizza dough is exceptionally lean because it is made without any oil or fat. While oil adds taste and moisture to recipes, it also interferes with how the gluten molecules grow during mixing and resting. Some recipes call for a small amount of vegetable oil or olive oil.

In other words, the dough will be more elastic, and the crust will be chewier as it becomes leaner. The richer dough will result in a more delicate, almost crumbly crust. So choose a recipe without additional oil if you want a robust, chewy crust.

Keep the Dough Warmed

The majority of pizza dough recipes call for mixing the ingredients to create a dough, forming it into a ball, and then chilling it for a predetermined period of time. They could also advise you to wait until the dough is at room temperature before dealing with it, and this is a crucial step.

In addition to being more difficult to stretch and more likely to rip, the cooler dough will also ferment more during this period, which means flavor development. Therefore, don’t skip this action! If you allow the dough to reach room temperature completely, your pizza will taste better.

Don’t Roll the Dough

Hopefully, there is no mention of using a rolling pin in your recipe. Stretching a ball of dough into a flat crust is more effective than simply flattening it, which is what a rolling pin is useful for.

However, the goal goes beyond merely enlarging it. The glutens are also worked differently by stretching the dough than they are by rolling. Again, the formation of gluten results in a crunch and chew. Use the backs of your hands to gently stretch the dough rather than rolling it.

Check the Shape

Nobody is insisting that the pizza crust be precisely rounded. It actually shouldn’t be exact round. Having said that, it’s crucial to keep in mind that the pizza will roughly take the shape of the original dough ball, regardless of how you shape it.

Yes, you can stretch and shape it to some amount, but the majority of the ultimate shape is determined by the original shaping. So make an effort to construct a roundish ball if you want a roughly shaped pizza. Make an oblong ball if you want an oblong pizza. In fact, a rectangular pizza that has been cut into squares rather than wedges has a very artisanal and rustic appearance.

Final thoughts

All these tips and other hacks can help you make a pretty decent dough at home. But one has to put in the hard work and due care required to make the perfect dough at home. If you love cooking, the chances are high that you will end up mastering the art of making the perfect dough at home. It all comes down to the level of interest one has in a particular activity or work, and dough making is no exception.


How Bread Plays a Role in Healthy Diets

Woman spreading tasty bread with butter in kitchen
Woman spreading tasty bread with butter in kitchen

As part of a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, bread makes a fantastic addition. It is a staple of many of the world’s cuisines and is filled with nutrients that aid in maintaining good health and promoting natural development.

Here is an in-depth breakdown of why bread plays a vital role in the health and wellness of those that consume it:

1. It’s Low in Fat and Sugar

Surprising to many, bread is actually low in fat. White bread contains only 0.6 grams of fat per slice, and brown bread is slightly higher at 0.7 grams. Even the wholemeal variety contains less than 1 gram of fat. Usually, bread toppings and spreads are where fats start to accumulate, so be careful what you add on.

Many breads are actually low in refined sugars, as well. Many fear that the carbohydrates bread contains will transform into unhealthy deposits of sugar, but the amount it contains is surprisingly moderate.

2. It’s High in Vitamins and Minerals

White bread is full of calcium and iron. Iron provides the body with energy, immunity, and healthier blood, and it improves concentration and clarity. Calcium maintains sturdy bones and strong teeth, and only four slices per day will provide you with over 30% of your recommended daily intake of the mineral.

Each type of bread is also a great source of protein and fiber. Protein renews and repairs our bodies so they stay functioning at their best. Fiber keeps the digestive system healthy and well-functioning. It also controls cholesterol and blood sugar levels and keeps us feeling full for longer periods of time.

Bread’s additional vitamins include B1, or thiamine, and B3, or niacin, which maintain the vitality of eyes, skin, and nails, as well as release the energy contained in food. It also has a generous amount of folic acid, also known as the B vitamin folate. This vitamin can actually prevent neural defects during pregnancy, including split spine complications.

3. It’s Low in Calories

Bread of all types is seriously low in calories. Wholemeal types clock in at 79 calories per slice, while white bread only has 77 calories in each slice. Multigrain flatbread varieties also serve as a low-calorie option. When selecting bread, be sure to carefully read the serving size to keep your diet consistent.

In conclusion, bread plays a vital role in a well-rounded healthy diet. Of course, that diet must also include fruits, vegetables, beans, and other sources of protein, as well. Be sure to consider what kinds of bread will be the most beneficial to your diet in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


5 Indulgent Alcoholic Beverages You Have To Try

Whether it is during the fun days of summer or the excitement that comes with the holiday season, you know there is nothing better than trying some indulgent alcoholic beverages with your family and friends. However, there is indulgent, and then there is really, really indulgent. If you have grown tired of those beverages that everyone else bills as being rich and flavorful, try having a sip of the following five alcoholic drinks. Once you do, you’ll understand the true meaning of indulgence.

Coffee and Coke

What seems like an unlikely combination will actually have your taste buds sitting up and taking notice with the first sip. When you combine Rittenhouse rye, Gran Classico, a bit of Rosso Vermouth, espresso, chocolate bitters, and Coca-Cola as a topper, you’ve got something special. Put everything in a shaker tin, pour it over the rocks, and garnish with an orange slice.

Anna Banana

A smooth cocktail that can still pack a punch, Anna Banana is one drink you will come to love very quickly. Combining Monkey Shoulder, Amontillado Sherry, and Fugit creme de Banane, you can add a twist of lemon to this unique combination of alcohol as a finishing touch. Upon taking your first drink, you’ll notice the combination of fruit and honey flavoring is fantastic.


As you are looking around at liquors found in online shops like The Barrel Tap, your mind may drift off to have you thinking about the classic Mudslide cocktail. If so, give in to temptation. Using Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and served in an elegant cocktail glass, it is anything but a glorified milkshake, as some have described it over the years. However, should you want to combine your desire for a Mudslide with your love of milkshakes, you can make a frozen version with vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, you can replace the Irish cream with Bourbon cream for a unique twist.

Brandy Alexander

A great dessert drink, Brandy Alexander is both creamy and boozy. When you mix exquisite Cognac with cocoa liqueur, you wind up with a drink that tastes very much like a White Russian. After dinner, holding a Brady Alexander in your hand and taking sip after sip will be a pleasure.

Golden Cadillac

Created in 1952 by a bartender for a couple who had just gotten engaged and happened to be driving a gold caddy, the Golden Cadillac is creamy and complex. When you taste it, you will notice hints of chocolate, nutmeg, and anise rolled into one. A fantastic retro drink, definitely put this on your must-try list.

Once you try each of these five fantastic beverages, you won’t be able to decide which one is your all-time favorite. Don’t go back to boring alcoholic mixtures. Impress your friends with these new and improved decadent drinks.


5 Tips to Help You Simplify Your Meal Prep


Meal preparation can frustrate you, but it’s the superior option to a lifetime of fast food and delivery. Your busy life can use some advice to make routine meal prep easier.

Streamline Your Meal Prep With a Plan

Indeed, routine is the key to simplifying meal prep. A good routine begins with a plan. Now, don’t let the idea of a plan give you jitters. There’s no need to overcomplicate your meal plan. Build one with exactly the level of detail that makes sense for you.

For a simple meal plan, write out your entrees for the next week. If you choose to include sides, your plan becomes a full menu! Once you get the hang of weekly meal planning, you can step up to months or quarters.

Access the Power of Batch Prep

If you want to truly streamline your meal preparation, plan to prep in batches. Lasagna and large casseroles are examples of batch cooking. Traditional takes on those dishes may please you, or you can tweak them to your tastes and dietary preferences.

Batch cooking is easy when you make time for it. You can set aside a weekend afternoon to prep your full week’s meal plan. This easy concept works superbly for any recipe that keeps well in a refrigerator.

As you prep your batches, remember that old cliche about variety’s importance in life. Sure, it’s your option to eat the same thing for every meal, but prepping batches of varied foods will add a bit of spice to your week.

If you feel daunted by setting aside a block of time to batch cook, consider adding a slow cooker to your kitchen arsenal. These popular, countertop appliances have produced convenient, bulk meals for decades.

Diverse slow cooker recipes let you combine your slow cooker with your refrigerator and freezer to easily batch prep a month’s worth of meals in a few days.

Choose a Storage System That Works for You

Of course, batch prepping bulk results require storage. In friends’ and relatives’ kitchen cabinets, you’ve likely found motley assortments of containers. To truly simplify meal prep, a motley crew will not do.

You will need a food storage system, which features containers that easily stack and nest. Durable, glass containers with snap-tight lids offer you reliable quality in this arena. Any design that’s easy for you to fill, clean, and use makes sense.

If this piece of advice leads to you getting rid of an assortment of ill-fitting, mismatched containers, be joyous. Recycle or donate those items, and move forward with your streamlined meal prep. As a result, you will likely experience less stress and resistance in your life, which can lead to improved well-being.

Have a Backup Meal Option, Just in Case

Life is unpredictable. Occasionally, a day surprises you. A news story might make you feel distracted, or your boss might keep you late at work. Alternatively, you might simply forget to go shopping on the way home. For days like those, it’s just smart to have a backup plan.

You could have prepared meals delivered to your home, for example. This tip is different from popping a frozen dinner in the microwave or ordering a soggy pizza from some publicly traded corporation. The idea is to eat a thoughtfully prepared meal.

To Stick With Easy Meal Prep, Build a Habit Streak

Habit-building starts with streaks. Find out how many consecutive days you can stay on your timesaving prep plan. When extended, short streaks become long ones, so challenge yourself!

Still, if you’re like most humans, you’re simply going to deviate from your plan occasionally. If that happens, it’s okay. You’re normal. Just remember to start anew as quickly as possible. That’s how you return to consistency. Otherwise, restarting your habit of smart, easy meal prep will likely feel more daunting later.

Remember to forgive yourself if your life’s events cause you to take an extended break from your meal prep habit. Personal forgiveness will help you reset, so you can peacefully begin simple meal preparation again.

Closing Thought

Smart meal prep choices are easy. Implement the ones you’ve learned today for a life with less friction and more opportunities for interaction, fulfillment, and happiness.