Best Ways to Spice up Your Boring Salad Recipe

Salads are healthy and no matter what your health issue might be, a good protein-packed salad can fix up everything. However, most people complain that they do not enjoy salad too much. Blame it on the dry recipe, not too much seasoning, not the right choice, or maybe you have been eating the same salad over and over. No matter what your issue might be, the right recipe, good variations, and some fun spices can solve everything.

As a beginner, you will come across salads that look good on installation, all the colorful salads with mixed chopped vegetables and some creamy sauce. However, there is no way you can predict if a salad will suit your palate. This is where layering and variations come in. with the right combination and the right method of laying, you will get a salad that is rich in texture, flavorful, and aesthetically pleasing as well. The only focus should be on adding variations and texture.

The process of laying seems fun but when you are on a diet and you need to make sure that calorie count doesn’t exceed a certain level, there is so much you can do. This is where you can get creative and experiment to know about your flavors. Also, not every salad dressing needs to have oil or butter, so you can easily cut the calories by replacing it with something light.

Here are some of the best and simplest ways to make your salad that will make it more flavorful.

Start With Some Base Vegetables

We know greens should be added to the salad but are you sticking to your greens or is there room for some colors as well? A very good way to add a pop of color and some extra flavors is to mix up vegetables. Start with the basic greens like cucumber, add some celery leaves but do not forget to add onions and tomatoes as well. If you want to enhance the flavor just toss them in an oven for a few minutes with some spices of your choice and a dash of oil. The roasted vegetables will have a much sweeter flavor with a hint of spice and crispy skin that will be much more enjoyable.

Turn Vegetables into Dressing

For most people, this might sound weird but hear me out. We all love a bit of mixed vegetable dip and what better way to enjoy your salad than with some roasted tomato puree for the flavor? In case you do not want to just rely on the tomatoes, you can add carrots along with some lemon juice and chickpeas as well. Just a blend and this will turn into a creamy paste that you can add to your salad. This will turn your salad into a creamy hummus-dripping goodness.

Take Inspiration from Traditional Foods

Global cuisines are so vast, full of flavors, and celebrate variations. If you are into traditional food, you will know that most countries have their salad styles, the Lebanese salad has a sweet tangy pomegranate syrup that is added to the food, whereas Arabian people like to add some roasted peat bread for the crunch. If you move to the south Indian side you will see a lot of salad variations where yogurt mixed with herbs is used as a salad dressing. Also, you will see a potato and onion mixture as well. China, Korea, and other countries add pickled vegetables marinated in spices and chop them to add them to the salad. All these things collectively will help you add a lot of flavors.

Add Some Crunch

Dry fruits are great crunchy options and most people love to add peanuts and almonds. However, if you have a nut allergy or nuts are not available, you can also add roasted chickpeas, some roasted bread cubes, or even pita bread. However, if you roast the vegetables with a bit of oil, the upper crunchy skin also helps in layering the flavors and balanced out the soft interiors with some crispy and crunchy outside.

Know Your Proteins

If you are missing the proteins or using the same old boiled chicken, you are definitely missing out on the flavors. The key is to roast the chicken with some good barbeque price mix. You can marinate it with lemon juice, spice, and a bit of yogurt, and then keep it for a few minutes. Then grill it up and cut it down into small pieces. This will be a great protein source and this will add flavor as well. If you are vegan or do not like chicken, just add chickpeas and kidney beans. Some people like to add corn as well. Just trust the process and know that the more things you add, the better the taste will be. Some people also like to add boiled egg which is another very good and cheap protein source.

Don’t Just Stick To Veggies

Most people think that salad is all about vegetables. However, your goal should be to look at flavors rather than just vegetables. Fruits are exceptionally flavorful and if you do not like to add fruit chicken you can still add fruit juice mixed with lemon for the dressing. The usually sweet and citrusy orange juice can be poured on the salad as a dressing. Also, you can experiment a little with seasonal fruits, like popular mango salsa is a great example.

Keep It for A Few Minutes

Tossing the salad doesn’t mean you are done and it is ready to eat. After you are done with the salad, keep it in a dry and cool place for at least 1 hour. The vegetables will soak up the juices and the leaves will be smothered in all the dressing so every time you take a bite you will get the right crunch and a flavorful burst.

Bottom Line

Salads can be anything you want but never allow your salad to be boring. With the right layering, a good choice of spices, and some creamy dressing, you can even turn a boring choppy salad into a flavor bomb.




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