About me

This blog is a collection of my life. My name is Krissy but when I cook I go by KrizzyCooks. My dad had a bakery growing up, and my aunt is also an avid cook. A lot of what I Iearned is from them but mostly I am self-taught. I enjoy cooking, creating and celebrating. This blog was created for you to come and enjoy the journey with me.

I have many fond memories of my aunt Indre crafting the art of choclatiering beautiful and delicious pastries, I am sure she will show up from time to time or perhaps have her own segment!

My sister Victoria who helps with our outreach and public relations and my mother Silvia at a posh family festivity

Life has blessed me with this wonderful man, Steve

If you are also Lithuanian and are from Chicagoland area then chances are that you have come across my father’s Lithuanian Bakery (started by my grandfather), The Baltic Bakery. I can go on forever about stories from that place!

Last but definitely not least is my brother Justin who is a young (but very experienced), web developer and architect (he owns justinankus.com and justinintustin.com). You can see the website urbansplatter.com that he and our cousin David (who is a traffic engineer) have collaborated on together. He obviously put this blog together for me because we both share an enjoyment of thinking creatively and this is a platform for all of our passions to flourish freely!

My baby bro Justin who is now 25!

Me as a lil gal

David as a tot

That is all for now folks!