6 Must-Haves for Your French Bakery

When you start a French bakery, there will be countless options of delicious pastries to make. You may need some inspiration when it comes time to decide what you should have on hand in your shop. If you are not sure where to begin, consider some of the following must-haves for your French bakery.


Croissants are probably the pastry that comes to mind when people think about France and its food culture. Both savory and sweet versions exist, though most bakeries choose primarily one or the other since each option has specific methods for their creation. Test both out if you want to see which one sells more.


Macarons are, of course, a must-serve item in any French bakery! Whether you choose to go with traditional flavors like vanilla or chocolate or fun ones such as green tea and lavender. They can provide customization options according to holidays and themes.

Choux pastry

Known sometimes as cream puffs, choux pastry is very much a part of French baking culture. Pate a choux is made by starting with butter and flour being combined before being cooked on the stovetop to form dough which is then gradually brought into formation. After cooling down, it will have formed enough shape to be rolled into balls or smaller pieces that can filled with savory ingredients such as cheese or sweet fillings like custard cream before baking.


An éclair is simply a longer version of the cream puff, or choux pastry. It is still made from the same dough but shaped into an oblong shape. Once again you can decide what kind of filling you want inside whether it be sweet chocolate or savory cheeses and meats across different variations. The outside is often iced with either fondant or glaze depending on preference, which gives these treats their iconic appearance.

Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Chocolat, also known as chocolate bread, is one of the most popular and common pastries one can expect to find at a French bakery. Because people love pastries that pair well with coffee, this is a prime option available for your bakery.

French Baguette Loaf
Finally, nothing says France like a French baguette loaf. Having a several on hand is the perfect touch. Consider using it for French toast, or a simple side of bread and butter. Guests will love the option to buy French bread with their coffee.

Like any other customizable menu, it is always a good idea to get feedback on some of your available options to know what your customers enjoy. By working with your patrons and thinking about the theme for your bakery, you can stock up on delicious pastries that will be sure to keep your customers coming back for more.



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