5 Indulgent Alcoholic Beverages You Have To Try

Whether it is during the fun days of summer or the excitement that comes with the holiday season, you know there is nothing better than trying some indulgent alcoholic beverages with your family and friends. However, there is indulgent, and then there is really, really indulgent. If you have grown tired of those beverages that everyone else bills as being rich and flavorful, try having a sip of the following five alcoholic drinks. Once you do, you’ll understand the true meaning of indulgence.

Coffee and Coke

What seems like an unlikely combination will actually have your taste buds sitting up and taking notice with the first sip. When you combine Rittenhouse rye, Gran Classico, a bit of Rosso Vermouth, espresso, chocolate bitters, and Coca-Cola as a topper, you’ve got something special. Put everything in a shaker tin, pour it over the rocks, and garnish with an orange slice.

Anna Banana

A smooth cocktail that can still pack a punch, Anna Banana is one drink you will come to love very quickly. Combining Monkey Shoulder, Amontillado Sherry, and Fugit creme de Banane, you can add a twist of lemon to this unique combination of alcohol as a finishing touch. Upon taking your first drink, you’ll notice the combination of fruit and honey flavoring is fantastic.


As you are looking around at liquors found in online shops like The Barrel Tap, your mind may drift off to have you thinking about the classic Mudslide cocktail. If so, give in to temptation. Using Irish cream, coffee liqueur, and served in an elegant cocktail glass, it is anything but a glorified milkshake, as some have described it over the years. However, should you want to combine your desire for a Mudslide with your love of milkshakes, you can make a frozen version with vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, you can replace the Irish cream with Bourbon cream for a unique twist.

Brandy Alexander

A great dessert drink, Brandy Alexander is both creamy and boozy. When you mix exquisite Cognac with cocoa liqueur, you wind up with a drink that tastes very much like a White Russian. After dinner, holding a Brady Alexander in your hand and taking sip after sip will be a pleasure.

Golden Cadillac

Created in 1952 by a bartender for a couple who had just gotten engaged and happened to be driving a gold caddy, the Golden Cadillac is creamy and complex. When you taste it, you will notice hints of chocolate, nutmeg, and anise rolled into one. A fantastic retro drink, definitely put this on your must-try list.

Once you try each of these five fantastic beverages, you won’t be able to decide which one is your all-time favorite. Don’t go back to boring alcoholic mixtures. Impress your friends with these new and improved decadent drinks.



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