4 Easy Meals For A Family Reunion

When you are planning a family reunion, you are filled with anticipation when thinking about visiting with relatives you have not seen for years. While everyone will have lots of fun sitting around and catching up on things, the reunion will be even more fun if it has some great food for everyone to eat. Yet rather than spend lots of your time trying to come up with fancy meals, there are plenty of easy meals that are perfect for family reunions. To make sure everyone leaves with smiles on their faces and full stomachs, here are four easy meals to have at your next family reunion.


There aren’t many individuals who don’t love a good slice of pizza. If you want to make meal planning very easy for your reunion, simply order a number of pizzas with different toppings, plus a few that just have cheese. Once the pizzas are delivered, you can sit back, relax, and fill up on pepperoni. To be sensitive to any gluten or dairy allergies, try to include a couple pizzas that cater to dietary needs.

Macaroni and Cheese

A great comfort food as well as one that goes great with a variety of other foods, macaroni and cheese is easy to make, easy to transport, and easy to heat up. Able to be made with many different types of cheeses, it’s a given mac and cheese will quickly disappear at your reunion.

Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

If you want the ultimate easy meal for your upcoming reunion, grab some Kaiser buns, fire up your grill, and start cooking some hamburgers and hot dogs. The All-American meals, all you will need to do is add some potato chips to the mix, toss in a few soft drinks, and you should have no complaints whatsoever from your attendees.

Potato Salad

Finally, is there ever a family reunion anywhere that is not complete without having a big bowl of potato salad on a table? Should you agree with this statement, you will need to make sure your family reunion does not break this sacred tradition. Like mac and cheese, potato salad goes great with so many things, especially fried chicken. Yet no matter what else is served at your reunion, chances are potato salad will be one of the favorites.

Simple to make and beloved by so many, each of these meal suggestions should prove to be very popular at your family reunion. Whether you’ve got a juicy hamburger on your plate or maybe a slice or two of pizza, your taste buds will thank you from the first bite to the last.


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